The new CD, Exits + Obstacles is ready to order by clicking on the cover directly to your right. It's been a long and drawn-out process, more so than my other projects, since I started thinking about this disc back in 2006. For $10 you get an industry-standard CD, professionally mastered tracks and a creative, fine-book/commercial CD hybrid package design. I'm working on a video of the assembly process as well, just for fun.

All CDR projects are now $5. The short ones went up and the long ones went down. Although your best bet is still going to be the box set.

Notice the new design? I re-built it in PHP. Now it's a lot simpler, cleaner and easier to navigate. Seriously, PHP is making my life a whole lot easier. You have no idea.

All CDRs are $4 for a limited time. Yes most of them were already $4, and now you save $2 on the ones that used to be $6 before all of them go up to $5. Confused? This will last until the next release date. Yeah, I'm working on a new CD. Amazing isn't it? I just completed a major upgrade of my studio so I'm cramming in sounds I never thought possible. I'm periodically posting new lyrics on my blog as I work on this project.

I'm slowly unveiling old recordings one by one on Myspace. They will eventually comprise a collection of outtakes entitled Detritus 1. They'll be up one at a time and available for free download. The first one is a track called "Living on the Weekends," and outtake from Lost in the Background which got re-made for Twenty Eight.

If you prefer "digital downloads" to CDs, you'll have to visit my Snocap store on the Gerald Prokop Myspace. The service I tried on this site only allowed you to download after payment is verified, meaning you might as well just order the CD because it'll take a week anyways. Just remember: Objects are cooler.

Prokiev Projects + Publishing is on MYSPACE now. I'm sure you're real surprised.