Project # 8(2002)
Humid Apartment Music
70 minute CDR, $5.00

Track 18 - The Crystal Precision of Afterstorm Air

  1. A New First
  2. Improbable Bike Ride
  3. Those Two Pills Did The Trick!
  4. A Walk Between Apartments
  5. Lowry Hill East Barhopping
  6. Sorry I Fucked Up
  7. Feeling Foolish and Happy the Day After Meeting Her
  8. Staying Up All Night With People You Hardly Know
  9. Happy Distraction
  10. Night to Myself
  11. A Dream Inspired by Food Poisoning
  12. Budget Crisis
  13. In the Passenger Seat with Nothing to Say
  14. Half-Asleep in the Setting Sun
  15. Humid Apartment Music
  16. You Make Me Nervous
  17. The Pages and the Performances
  18. The Crystal Precision of Afterstorm Air
  19. Walking Down 22nd on Certain Days
  20. How the Smoke Rises as I Organize my Thoughts
  21. Watching People Cry
  22. Subtle Madness Plus the Kitchen Sink
  23. Flooding Back
  24. Those People on the Sidewalk During My Morning Coffee
  25. The Temporality of Proximity
  26. Waking Up This Late for the Third Time in a Week
  27. Finding Some Niche in a Smoke Filled Room
  28. Goodnight

"Humid Apartment Music" was recorded in the one-room apartment on Nicollet Avenue I occupied between 2000 and 2003. It´s 70 minutes of layered instrumental guitar, with all the incidental background noise left in, and some weird production experiments--such as swinging a shorted out microphone past the headphones (Flooding Back) and faking the sound of me opening up a new cassette tape and setting up the fourtrack (A New First.) The idea of this being "Humid" music comes from the recording process being so self-contained, plugging things directly into the fourtrack and going for an intentionally closed-in, uncomfortable sound. And then, of course, all of the tracks were recorded in a humid apartment. Old buildings in Minneapolis are like that--humid in the summer from the obvious heat, humid in the winter because the radiator dials only have one setting: on. And we all know those other two seasons don´t last very long up here.

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