Project # 5(2001)
Abstractions + Distractions
16 minute CDR, $5.00

Track 1 - The Organic Quality of Electricity When It Sparks From Storm Clouds

  1. The organic quality of electricity when it sparks from storm clouds
  2. driven, be it in either a concrete or an abstract sense
  3. Drowsy is the color orange as cast upon the carpet
  4. to submerge yourself in water for moments or more, depending
  5. rhizomatic--an experiment in static complexity
  6. i woke up in the lobby of the art school, sweating

"Abstractions and Distractions," is a dark, eerie instrumental record. I never planned on releasing these at the time, and actually ended up recording lots of tracks like these that I didn´t release, some of which will end up on the collection, "Quelquechose." After recording "Sounds" in 2000, I just didn´t want to take things that seriously. Now I look back and this is one of my favorite records, quite possibly because of that. There is a surprise 7th track that I didn´t list.

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