Project # 34(2009)
37 minute CD, $10.00

Track 4 - Nothing to Protect

  1. Separating
  2. Just Friends
  3. On the Edge
  4. Nothing to Protect
  5. On Falling
  6. Life Inside
  7. Temporal Lobe
  8. Autonomy
  9. Time
  10. Opt Out

Continuing to venture down a path of multi-textured headphone music from last year's mashup of grunge and folk, Exits + Obstacles, Open is Prokop's most sonically diverse album to date. With Open, Prokop veers slightly into electronic synth + drum machine territory alongside 90s-esque layers of fuzz and delay, throwing in just enough sonic experimentation to set this record comfortably outside of the typical singer-songwriter paradigms. Lyrically the album explores the vague concept of authenticity along personal, interpersonal and political levels. Open includes Prokop's typical experimental packaging. The CD and art booklet are housed inside of inkjet-labeled plastic sleeves.