Project # 33(2009)
Enormous Problems
20 minute CDR, $5.00

Track 2 - The Drill Return

  1. Gone to Mill Walky
  2. The Drill Return
  3. Woken in Half
  4. A Mighty Failure
  5. Fourtrack Hibernation
  6. Central Wisconsin
  7. The Stress Talkin'
  8. Closed

A return to my favorite format: the 20-minute partly-instrumental EP. 8 tracks, noisy keyboards, drum machine, songs about traveling, waking up and recording. There's even a cheapo auto-tune effect thrown in for fun. These are tracks that sort of just came together on their own and didn't really fit the upcoming full-length. Each one is packaged in a clear bag with a short fictional text page, a Prokiev binder clip sticker and an inkjet-labeled CDR.

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