Project # 32(2008)
Exits + Obstacles
38 minute CD, $10.00

Track 3 - Escape Song

  1. Wandering On
  2. Give MN Back to Canada
  3. Escape Song
  4. Whatever
  5. Run
  6. Safe + Sound
  7. Shadows
  8. Serotonin
  9. Dark
  10. Outside

I'm done using the fourtrack as a recording medium. It's a noise machine now. Exits + Obstacles was recorded digitally in my newly upgraded apartment-studio, combining lo-fi folk and rock, weird circuit bent noises, grunge, shoegaze, and lyrics revolving around urban dystopia, personal depression and spacio-temporal anxiety. That's alot of stuff that I've been waiting for a long time to roll in to one disc. Packaged with consideration for the aesthetics of the visual book.