Project # 30(2007)
Sorry About the Noise
43 minute CDR, $5.00

Track 3 - City in Mist

  1. Superimposed on a Sine Wave
  2. Safety Glass in the Bike Lane
  3. City in Mist
  4. Away From Home
  5. Signal to Ground
  6. Plaster + Lath
  7. Jagged through the thick
  8. air, in a trashed alley
  9. Sorry About the Noise
  10. Winter
  11. Sun Pocket
  12. Migraine

Born out of a track-a-day recording experiment and packed with circuit bent noises, hand-soldered gadgets, a full drum set and lots of alternating current in a spectrum of frequencies, "Sorry About the Noise" is so far my quickest disc. And maybe also my loudest.

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