Project # 3(2000)
45 minute CDR, $5.00

Track 13 - Crystal


  1. alive
  2. dopplar
  3. the public ink and coffee
  4. don´t look
  5. roofporch
  6. vista de pajaro
  7. the best days of your life are passing you by
  8. up and
  9. flow through
  10. around the world in a balloon
  11. smoke
  12. the sun is behind the clouds
  13. crystal
  14. i seem to break my eyes
  15. black and lights
  16. cigarette burn
  17. i was
  18. fell from

"Sounds" was my first focused recording effort. It´s predominantly instrumental with a few (unintelligible) vocals thrown in. To me, it´s a really positive, happy disc--like "waking up" music, but a little rough. Blame John Frusciante´s influence for all the backwards guitar stuff.

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