Project # 29(2007)
35 minute CDR, $5.00

Track 9 - Low Pressure Front

  1. No Easy Metaphor
  2. Snowed In
  3. Backseat Catnap
  4. Portrait of a Street Late at Night With Me On It Waiting for a Bus
  5. Sunday
  6. Improbable Bike Ride
  7. Pavement
  8. Any Better Ideas?
  9. Low Pressure Front
  10. Still OK 1
  11. Stomach This 1
  12. Patterns of Hope and Worry (A Toast to a New Season) 1
  13. Give Up

The early 00s were a busy time, so much that I would forget about tracks I made and projects were easily shoved aside. Finally, after five years, "Quelquechose" is available. All instrumental experiments from the sessions that produced Sounds, Abstractions + Distractions and Humid Apartment Music.

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