Project # 19(2004)
Signals Encoded in Magnets
20 minute CDR, $5.00

Track 3 - Dripfrost

  1. needsleep;driftanddrag
  2. window shade
  3. Dripfrost
  4. centipedes
  5. vocal broken glass yet we are machines
  6. pixelated sunset
  7. shifteye/tired patterns
  8. breathe ´cause ya need to

My final recording fit in 2003 resulted in this return-to-instumental EP, released early the next year. "Signals Encoded in Magnets" is wintery and upbeat, recorded with analog instruments and a mixture of analog and digital recording techniques. I recorded most of it at my parents´ house where I was dog-sitting for a weekend and downloading free recording software and playing their piano. The whole thing took around two weeks.

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