Project # 18(2003)
I ♥ Boredom
35 minute CDR, $5.00

Track 5 - You´ll Find Me There


  1. O Four Track
  2. Some Time Ago
  3. 3 /After the Rain
  4. Hallucinations on the Highway
  5. You´ll Find Me There
  6. Now
  7. A Silent Still
  8. Song for Boredom
  9. Radio Shack
  10. Saturated Magnetism 1
  11. All These Nights

This one sort of completes the Prokiev 2003 trilogy of noisy acoustic vocal music with "Some Days Spent Drowsy" and "...with nothing to say." No electric guitars or amps were used, but you might not know that by listening to it. Lots of screechy tape samples and mic gain, and a couple of quiet instrumentals.

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