Project # 15(2003)
Some Days Spent Drowsy
18 minute CDR, $5.00

Track 6 - Rock Song #3


  1. Rock Song #2
  2. When She
  3. Awkward Time #1
  4. Talking in yr Sleep
  5. Awkward Time #2
  6. Rock Song #3
  7. In The Summer

Lo-fi indie-pop complete with rock+roll drum machine. This is the first EP released under the name Prokiev. Supplements "With Nothing to Say," but more song- than sound-oriented. Note: this record includes Rock Songs &3#5;2 + #3. Where is #1? On "Quasi Neutral Staircase," as Upbeat Opening Rock Song. Those three songs make up a trilogy entitled, "Hey, Cool! A Drum Machine!"

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