Project # 11(2003)
Quasi Neutral Staircase
37 minute CDR, $5.00

Track 2 - Sunday Shoes

  1. Upbeat Opening Rock Song
  2. Sunday Shoes
  3. Worlds Away While pt. one
  4. Worlds Away While pt. two
  5. Road/Low Pressure Front
  6. Half Asleep
  7. At Noon Exactly
  8. Untitled
  9. Less Than the Moment
  10. (dive) 1
  11. (drag) 1
  12. October Air

"Quasi Nuetral Staircase" is my debut vocal record, conceptualized around the idea of subconscious or internalized states of mind. Full lyric sheet included.
Other players on "Quasi Nuetral Staircase:"
Lynn Gray (my art professor): lyrics on Road/Low Pressure Front
Nicole Jensen (friend from the Afunctionul crew): flute on At Noon Exactly
Phonesavahn Rattanavong (a friend´s father): drum programming on Upbeat Opening Rock Song

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